About Norma

Based on NORMA-s framework, the working groups function according to these juridical areas:
Family, inheritance, criminal, labor relations, property, domestic violence and the administrative area.
Currently, there are five lawyers and one financial worker engaged in the activities of NORMA. NORMA’s lawyers through the years have contributed with their experience in the area of justice. They continuously follow the developments in society including marginalized communities. Thus NORMA serves as a bridge between civil society and governmental institutions.


NORMA-s work


NORMA has offered legal aid up to 5720 parties, mainly women of all the ethnic groups in Kosovo. It has compiled the statute and documentations for the registration of a number of NGO’s. It has also drafted many court and administrative submissions. Around 97 women were represented by NORMA’s jurists in courts and other authorities.

Disputes were inter-mediated and among these disputes a large number have had successful results. These services have been provided in five municipalities: Prishtina, Ferizaj, Podujevë, Shtime and Kaçanik.

NORMA organized and held up to 360 meetings (workshops). Most of these meeting were held with women but also mixed groups, men and children in Kosovo municipalities and villages.

The meetings had different topics and matters but the main topics were on the rights and obligations guaranteed by national and international law.

NORMA has trained up to 25 law graduates while offering them internships.

NORMA organized up to 21 seminars in 5 cities: Gjakova, Peja, Prizren, Gjilan and Prishtina. These seminars lasted for 2 days with different NGO lawyers and judges as participants. The topics were mainly on areas of law.

Norma has held 23 round tables relating to different issues and matters.

NORMA has offered up to 47 different trainings and professional educational courses mainly towards NORMA’s members and other NGO’s members but also toward women and children of minority groups and handicapped individuals throughout Kosovo.

In cooperation with OSCE and UNIFEM, NORMA has organized and held 2 courses for lawyers regarding “ Gender and Legislation”. These courses were offered to 80 lawyers to whom were also given certificates.

Norma has organized up to 3 conferences titled “Women ambassadors of peace and coexistence”. Participant in these conferences were NGO’s multiethnic women as well as politicians from Kosovo and Serbia and the representatives of international organizations in Kosovo. The general director of UNIFEM and the Goodwill Ambassador of UNIFEM, Mrs. Nicole Kidman has attended one of these conferences.

Members of NORMA have participated in working groups for the drafting of the Regulation against Family Violence and Kosovo’s Law on Family. They have also given opinions and suggestions on the drafting of Kosovo’s Penal Code and Kosovo’s Criminal Procedure Code.

NORMA cooperated with governmental institutions and NGO’s in Kosovo and abroad. NORMA’s members have attended meeting and have given presentations in Kosovo and abroad as well as in different electronic and written media.

During the period of 1998-2019 NORMA has executed over 70 projects which were supported by regional and international donators. These projects encompass a sum of 1.600.000.00 Euro



In order to accomplish its mission, NORMA undertakes, but does not limit to, these activities:

Follows, registers and reacts in adequate measures in cases when gender equality is violated
Offers legal aid in the implementation of rights guaranteed by law;
Organizes by itself or in cooperation with other organizations, professional meetings, counseling, seminars, workshops, trainings and other forms of professional education;
Conducts research on gender equality;
Cooperates with professional associations and other organizations in Kosovo and abroad;
Collects and elaborates professional literature in the juridical area;
Publishes promotional materials.


NORMA Issues

During its 20 years of work, Norma as well as the whole society has passed through many challenges and problems of different forms.

While passing through these challenges, the first steps were made for the creation of a civil society. This was based on the Rules for registration and operation of NGOs in Kosovo no. 1999/22, to ensure quality services, more democratic and open to all citizens of Kosovo.

The local legislation was based on 4 law sources and this created confusion on selecting the implementation of these laws and created difficulties for NORMA’s work.

UNMIK regulations and later on the new laws which were created according to or translated by the laws of the other states were of great impediment to our practical work. Although Kosovo’s applicable laws are contemporary and based on international standards, in practice they are difficult to implement.

Norma’s Challenges

It is yet a challenge for NORMA to continue to advocate and influence human right in general and women’s rights in particular which are provided in Kosovo’s Constitution and from International law.

NORMA aims to continue with trainings and other activities so that it influences the awareness of the population on gender equality. NORMA hopes to influence the awareness of youngsters, employees in the governmental institutions and especially the judicial institutions.

NORMA remains open to different measures of cooperation through adjusting to the development of the societies ne

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