Round table in the Municipality of Fushë Kosovë - Norma / Fiq

Today, the NORMA Lawyers Association organized a round table in the Municipality of Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje, as an activity within the project: “Institutional support for the needs of self-sufficient mothers with children”, funded by the European Union (EU) and managed by INDEP of the Civic Initiatives Foundation (FIQ).

Representatives of local institutions and non-governmental organizations and a group of self-sufficient mothers of the Municipality of Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje participated in this activity. local and self-catering mothers. Local institutions aware of the daily problems of self-catering mothers, agreed that to solve the problems of this category, there should be a local and national strategy for their institutional protection, enabling easier access. for the realization of the fundamental rights provided by the laws in force.
NORMA Lawyers Association within its action plan and within the mission of the organization, even after the completion of the project, in coordination with local bodies, will be committed to the problems faced by self-sufficient mothers, find institutional solutions and will ensure that it enables the creation of a better approach and the existence of well-informed community-based services.

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